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Fit Visuals - Mega Cine Preset for Desktop andMobile

Fit Visuals - Mega Cine Preset for Desktop andMobile

The matching LR desktop Preset to match the Mega Cine LUT!


Punchy cinematic colour for your RAW stills. Perfectly compliments skin tones and adds some colour contrast to shadows and highlights.


Please be aware you will still need to properly expose and white balance your image to replicate the colours shown here.


All images are have likely have differing levels of contrast depending on the scenario so be prepared to make highlight/shadow/white/black level corrections to suit each scenario.


Would recommend balancing the image first avoiding excessive highlights (skin tone especially) and trying to lift any clipped blacks and/or shadow detail (If desired). Then do an accurate white balance for skintone/ambience before applying the preset.


You can then do final contrast/exposure tweaks from there to get a final image. As with any Fit|Visuals product full support via Email or IG DM about use or general creator advice :)


Thanks for the support, I appreciate it!


August 22 UPDATE - Now includes .DNG file for LR Mobile :)


Finally got around to adding a .DNG file to this downloadable purchase. These are kind of fiddly to install, best way (IMO) is to import the photo to lightroom then "create Preset" from the photo settings. 


Do not copy White balance/hue or exposure to the preset as this will need to be correct for each image it us used on.









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